1938 Letter from 
Marie McGrath 
Nellie Schuler McGrath
“How are you dear and little Precious ... It is a long time since I’ve heard from you.  How is your family in Kentucky do you hear from them?  Tell me every item of news when you write.”

Marie McGrath, 1938

Hot Springs National Park



The Majestic Hotel

Apartments & Baths

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

July 8, 1938

Dear Nellie,

    I came down here last Tuesday to try the baths and test out the climate.  I’m at a terrible disadvantage in being alone as I have no one to do any thing for me.  My arms and hands and my back are very bad today.

    I began my treatments, first 2/baths in the mineral water followed by hot packs.  Nellie dear please pray for me that I may make a recovery.

    By the time this reaches you it will be another anniversary.  Poor dear Tom God rest him.  I will have a Mass said here for him and if I can’t get out I will send you the money and you can have it said up at home.

    How are you dear and little Precious and Agnes and her little ones?   It is  a long time since I’ve heard from you.  How are your family in Kentucky do you hear from them.  Tell me every item of news when you write.

    Some one told me Esther was married, it didn’t surprise me but I’d like to hear the details.  Whom did she marry?  Did Maureen go home with the family?  Did anything more develop out of the friendship with Virginia’s brother?  I’m dying for news.

    I haven’t heard room Mary Spangler in ages, why I can’t tell, I hope she is not sick.  Nellie will you look her up for me.  You can give her this address.

    Where I’ll be when I go back to N.Y. I don’t know.  I gave up my room at the convent on the Concourse.  If I’m able I will take an apartment, that’s not easy as I’m unable to fix it only some of my friends will help me out.

    How are Virginia and Magner panning out?  Do you see them?  I suppose the days are so crowded in with work and the house you haven’t much time for visiting.  Whatever comes or goes take care of your health - don’t neglect your meals and get to bed early.

    How I would love to see you all but I sit here alone in my room all day.  I only see and talk to the attendants in the bath house, the man brings me back to my room in a wheel chair and I stay here until he calls for me next morning.

    So you can about realize the weariness of the days in a strange place in a hotel room.  I sometimes think Tom has the better end of things.  If he could only tell us I’m sure he would not want to come back.

    When you write home tell your mother to pray for me.  I had hopes that some day you and the baby and myself would go down to pay them all a visit and once again visit the little town of Stamford(?)

    Nellie dear my fondest sympathy.  I’ll be near you in heart and soul on the 13th.  Write me as soon as you can.  Now my love to my little sweet heart and a big kiss to you both from