1941 Letter from Marie to Mary Daly

190 East Mosholu Parkway,

    The Bronx, New York City,

                New York

                            Nov. 30, 1941

Dear Mary,

    The months and years go round so quickly, especially when one is engrossed in work.

    Well I have news that is going to make you sad but God is the judge of our destinies, so be resigned.

    Bidsie died November 20, 1941.  A week ago.  You know she was an Ursuline nun. 

Mary dear if there is a saint in heaven it is she.  She suffered and was sick over ten years.  She died of a heart attack last thursday and she was buried in Calvary in Brooklyn.  I gave her my life for the past five years.  I saw her suffer and suffer and never a murmur crossed her lips.  We had three nurses with her.  The night nurse a Mrs. Devine told me the night before Bidsie died, she talked a lot about Dada and Mama.  Her name in religion was Mother Emmanuel.

     I cabled Nellie in Cuba but she was unable to come.  Jack I sent a telegram and he couldn’t make it.  Maggie was sick in bed so I was alone with Victor.

    Mary my life is gone looking at each of them unable through distance and sickness to be together.  Since we left Darragh life has been an up hill road.

    Now let me change and ask how you are and Anthony?  I hope you are well and things at home in our, own, dear, Ireland are not hard hit by the war.  Have you enough of tea, if not let me know and I will send you some.  I would love to hear from you a long letter with news-tell me everything about all at home.  Ireland is always home.

    I am enclosing a clipping from the Irish World and one from the New York Times about Mother Emmanuel.  Remember her in your prayers.

    Joseph Magner - Pat’s [Joe McGrath] son got married three years ago, they now have twin babies a boy Stephen Valens and a girl named after her mother Virginia.  Pat is not too well, I phoned him in New Jersey when Bidsie died.

    Tom died 8 1/2 years ago his baby is now 8 years old, she made her first
Holy Communion last May and Dec 9 will make her Confirmation.  Her name is Ellen she is the image of Tom.

    Mary dear I am writing all the family and relatives about our loss so for the present this will be a short letter.  We all send you and anthony our hears fondest love.  And wish that you may have a happy and holy Christmas.    Fondly always

                                    Your cousin 

                                                Marie T. McGrath 



“Mary my life is gone looking at Each of them unable through distance and sickness to be together.  Since we left Darragh life has been an up hill road.”