1989 Letter from Elenita Garcia
to Maggie Fimia
Eliseo, Chelsea & Elenita
1985 Las Vegas
 We are rich in the love and happiness of family.  Elenita

23 Aug,’89

Dear Maggie,

    Thank you very much for the biographical sketch of John McGrath, “Uncle Jack,” as we called him.  

    Thank you so much also for sharing the sweet picture of your two lovely little girls.  

    I feel that those of us who have children are the truly wealthy of this world.  We are rich in the love and happiness of family.

    I can add a few details you may not know about Uncle Jack.  He was a tea salesman in Ireland.  Your grandmother, my Aunt Margaret told me he was terrific at his hob.  That is how he got the money to emigrate to America.  Then he sent money back to his brothers and sisters to pay their passage.  Margaret, Tom and Joe stayed with him for a time in San Mateo.  Something else not mentioned:  In Illinois he worked in the stockyards, a very rough job.  He hated it on account of all the blood and gore of the slaughterhouse.  He acted as spokesman for the workers on at least one occasion and won them a raise in pay.

    I am glad to hear that you are all doing so well and that you went back to school and have now graduated and that Don will finish his residency in June next year.  Congratulations to both of you.

    I am glad you will be able to travel.  We will be glad to see you if you can make it here to Las Vegas.

    Distance is really an inconvenient thing, to put it mildly.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just “pop” back and forth to see our family and friends whenever we wanted to!  But science lags behind the imagination.

    As for ourselves, Eliseo has not been well.  He is better now, but cannot help me round the house or work in the yard like he used to.  Cecil and I have taken over the chores he used to do.  Of course, this erodes our free time.  We do it gladly, but it means that other things have lower priority.

    Which brings me to my book.  I am in the process of revising it.  I feel I have not brought out the customs and culture of the civilization I created.  Basically it is the same book, though.  I certainly will send you a copy as soon as I can whip one into shape.  I am pleased at your interest in it & will appreciate your opinion or comments.

    I have a new grandchild, Mary Kathleen, Ana’s daughter.  Isabel is expecting her second baby.  Also, I have recently been promoted to great grandmother.  My oldest grandson became a papa recently.

    I met a Morman lady who is a specialist in genealogy.  She showed me how to fill out the chars, the pedigree chars & the family group charts.  I guess you know about the.  It makes everything much easier to record.  I have asked Eliseo’s older sister to send me all the information she has on that side of the family and I will get some data from my cousins on my father’s side.  If you have anything on the McGrath line I will appreciate any data you can give me.  I will be happy to share any information I can gather.  This lady is on vacation.  When she gets back I hope to get going.  Once I get into the genealogy library it will be easy.  The Valens line were Dukes of La Marsh.  Before that Isabel of Angouleme, king John’s widow married Hugh de Lusignan (King of Jerusalem) when he came home from the Crusades.  If I start from there I can trace it back down from France to England to Ireland.  These names I mentioned are our ancestors (yours and mine) whatever I find I will photocopy and send you.

    Please send me the dates of birth of your father, yourself & sister & brother so I can make up your Dad’s family group chart.  I would also like to make out your family group chart.

    I am holding up pretty well myself.  Had a crazy accident in a parking lot and fell flat on my face.  I had several cuts & abrasions which needed stitches.  Luckily I have no noticeable scars.  The doctors in the emergency room did a great job.

    Well, I’ll stop now.  It was good to hear from you.

					Lots of love,
                                 Elenita, Eliseo, Cecil