Passenger Lists

    Can you imaging leaving all you know behind, one suitcase in hand, $10 in your pocket?  Many of our ancestors didn’t even speak the language.  They knew they may not see their parents and family and friends ever again.  They would just have letters and those would be rare.  Why did they go? Was it a decision made in anger, haste, spite? Or was it a long brewing plan that just needed one more bitter encounter or word to compel our loved one to pack up and leave?  For many, they had little choice.  Land and jobs were scarce or non-existent.  Others had come before them and offered a little life-line.  The times must have been so very hard for them to leave all they loved for such an unknown future.


Margaret (Maggie) McGrath, oldest child of James McGrath and Mary Magner was 27 when she left in May of 1894.  She says 25.  She was a teacher.  It looks like she was by herself and assigned to Steerage No. 5.  She was going to New York, New York and had one suitcase. 

New York Passenger List                                            Maggie McGrath  No. 310 - 4

Arrival Date 19 May 1894, age 25,                     Point of Departure: Queenstown, Ireland

Ship’s Name: Germanic

The Germanic  1874-1905

Built by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland. Tonnage: 5,008. Dimensions: 455' x 45' (468' o.l.). Single-screw, 16 knots. Compound engines. 5,000 I.H.P. Four masts and two funnels. Iron hull.

Launched, July 15, 1874. Maiden voyage: Liverpool-New York, May 20, 1875. Won the trans-Atlantic "Blue Ribbon" in February 1876. Renamed: (a) Ottawa (1905), (b) Gul Djemal (1910) Turkish. Torpedoed by a British submarine in the Sea of Marmora, May 3, 1915, but was later salved. Made several crossings to New York during 1920-21 for Turkish owners. Name changed to Gulcemal about 1928. Scrapped in 1950. Sister ship: Britannic.

New York Passenger List                 Ellen, Bridget, Thomas and Patrick Joseph McGrath

Arrival Date: 3 Nov 1894    Ages, 17, 24, 11 and 10    Point of Departure: 

Queenstown, Ireland

Ship’s Name: Germanic  -  Where was there sister Marie, age 16?